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New Sprout Child Care Centre is a bilingual In-Home Multi-Age centre that provides play-based quality child care to children from 12 months to 5 years old.

Children are immersed in English and Mandarin Chinese throughout their daily routines, including but are not limited to circle time, instructions, songs, various play activities, games, stories and cultural traditions.

As a fully certified Early Childhood and Infant/Toddler Educator (ECE IT), Ms. Yuya is dedicated to provide a safe and nurturing environment where each child’s uniqueness is valued, and she strives to witness each child flourish in their own ways. We also have an experienced Orff music teacher who is specialized in teaching children in early years.

Ms. Yuya


B.A. in Psyc. (2014), Diploma in Early Childhood Education – Basic and Infant Toddler (2018)

Ms. Yuya is a caring Early Childhood Educator who loves working around children, and finds joy and purpose in witnessing children’s growth. After working with children in group childcare setting for more than 5 years, she contemplated the meaning of balance and quality in the childcare system due to the conflict between the practice and philosophy. She believes that the nature of children is play. Through inquiring, creating, and inspiring each other, younger children can learn the necessary skills to make a smooth transition to kindergarten within an authentic play-based environment. 

As a multilingual speaker, Ms. Yuya speaks fluent Mandarin, English, and Japanese. In 2019, Ms. Yuya took the lead with a teaching partner to start a Mandarin Immersion Pilot Project at a local IB independent school.  

Aside from being a mother to Lil’ Stella, Ms. Yuya enjoys crafting, lettering, singing, cooking, baking, discovering new parks and snowboarding.

Mr. Ye

Music Teacher

M. Ed (2019), B. Ed (2015), B. Mus (2014)

Mr. Ye is an experienced Orff certified music teacher who is  specialized in children age 12 years and under. He strives to create a safe and fun environment where children can take risks and creatively “musicking” at the same time. Mr. Ye is currently working as an Early Years and Junior School music teacher at Mulgrave School. 

At New Sprout Child Care Centre, we will have a special music class with Mr. Ye every week. Children explore various songs, dance, finger plays, games, and different instruments together. More importantly, it’s fun!

Outside of work, he enjoys outdoor activities, such as snowboarding and hiking. He is also an ACE certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, and currently undergoing training in youth fitness specialization.

Lil' Stella


Lil’ Stella is our ambassador for New Sprout Child Care Centre. She speaks fluent Mandarin, and some English (Songs mainly). She has brought so much joy into our home.

While continuing her studies in the “department of sleep”, she has successfully completed her degree in taking care of herself (and sometimes, others!) in terms of eating, dressing up, playing, etc.

After graduating from 1 year old, her focus has shifted from making the house chaotic to intentionally doing things by herself and supporting others in the home by putting things away (and out) voluntarily.

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Updates #1 Outdoor Play Area We’re excited to share the news that we have updated our outdoor play area! On the westside of the backyard,

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