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Yes, we do. However, part-time care is subject to Centre schedule/availability and might not always be available. Families who need full-time care will be given priority when considering enrollment.

Routine in a typical day may look like


Arrival; greeting; handwashing; putting away personal belongings; free play


Free play; clean up; group time; snack preparation


Handwashing; snack; washroom break/diaper change; getting ready for outside


Outdoor play/walk in neighbourhood


Putting away personal belongings; handwashing; lunch preparation


Lunch; clean up


Washroom break/diaper change; getting ready for nap or quiet resting time




Nap time for sleepers

Quiet resting or reading time for non-sleepers

Quiet table activities for older children while respecting other children’s rest


Waking up; clean up; washroom break/diaper change; snack preparation


Snack; free play; clean up; getting ready for outside


Outdoor play; clean up; pick up time

Since child development is ever changing and the needs of individual children can vary from day to day, our routine may look slightly different each day with a core structure similar to the one posted above.

Yes, we have an open door policy, which means you can stop by the centre to see or pick up your child at any time. However, we do ask parents/guardians to please respect the napping/resting schedule of the attending children and lower their voice whenever applicable. If we are away on an outing, we will leave a notice on the door so parents can find us.

We are also committed to supporting breastfeeding, and will make a quiet space available for any nursing mothers.

We provide age-appropriate activities in bilingual settings, both indoors and outdoors, to stimulate the minds and to promote language, motor and social skill development. We incorporate activities and materials that promote development in intellectual, physical, socio-emotional, and language areas such as balls, sand, story time, circle time, songs, blocks, open-ended materials/loose parts, art supplies, sensory activities, play dough, cultural celebrations, cooking, planting and more. We go outside twice daily even in rain and snow with the exception of inclement weather. 

We go on neighbourhood walks and visit nearby parks at least once a week to experience the change of seasons, and to interact with nature and the people in the neighbourhood. 

We also value the learning opportunities that daily routines and transitions provide us and promote independence in children.

We believe that parents know best about their children’s food preference, so parents are to provide lunches for their children. We provide two nutritious snacks that follow Canada’s Food Guide. Snacks include foods from at least two food groups, using foods that are organic, local and in season as much as possible.

Yes, we do. A typical gradual entry schedule will look like:

  • First day: one hour visit with parent(s)/guardian(s)
  • Second day: half day without lunch (~ 11:30am) with parent(s)/guardian(s) away for an hour or two
  • Third day: half day with lunch (~12:30pm) without parent(s)/guardian(s)
  • Fourth day: half day with nap/full day with early pick up 
  • Fifth day: full day with early pick up if necessary

Gradual entry schedules can be modified according to the needs of the individual child.

We request that families use a direct withdrawal system, with fees removed directly from your bank account at the first of each month.

We follow current guidance from the BC Centre for Disease Control including “Public Health Guidance for Child Care Settings”, BC’s COVID-19 self-assessment tool, as well as ongoing interactions with Child Care Licensing.

In order to protect all children, families and staff, we ask that adults and children aged 2 and above wear a mask when entering the premises. Please limit to one family at a time at the drop off/pick up area (main entrance), and sanitize your hands upon arrival. Practice social distancing whenever possible. If your child is showing symptoms please keep them home.

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